About 22k

My moniker says it all.  I am not the purest thing.  lt could have been the purest thing, 24k …. but after some thought, 22k is just the right mix for this perfectly imperfect human being.

Lifting this from the last post in my old home just to remind me  how things were in the last decade….

….. as has been said, everything has a season …. with each beginning comes an ending …… and so with this blog as I make one last post …. to end this chapter of my life …. there were good times, there were bad times … there were times I simply coasted along …. someone I got through… calloused, bruised but wiser and richer with experiences that imparted a lot of lessons …. As I turn the last page of this episode, a new leaf unfolds in my old home…. if you were with me in this journey, join me in 22karat which will be my soundboard from now on … For starters, the name pretty much describe my current state ….. golden and proud …..

….. I will still revisit that old home that has given me so much security and comfort ….. to feel the familiar … on those times when I feel the need to relive the memories. Like before, there is hesitation to leave the familiar …. but it’s time to move on ….. … enough of the teaser as the rest has to be told in the new place.

Gold (play /ˈɡld/) is a dense, soft, shiny, malleable and ductile metal. It is a chemical element with the symbol Au andatomic number 79.


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