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Taking Life’s Detour

Travel is a must for survival.  It refreshes the soul.

13 Feb 2018 Taking Life's DetourIt gives us a grasp of what lies at the other side.  I never had it so good than when I’m out of sight.  Being away gives me the joy of solitude, a rare experience in the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.  Even when I’m away from loved ones, the human and furry kind, I am reminded that we all see the same moon and the stars from all sides.  The James Ingram ditty says it best “…. and even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.  And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky”

This page is a collection of the best local adventures I had away from home.  Come and enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful Philippine destinations.  It’s more fun in the Philippines, right;)  Imagine, 7,107 options, more with low tide (as immortalized by Miss Philippines Charlene Gonzales during the Q & A portion of the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant held in Manila).

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A WAnderFull Life

One of the things that changed in me considerably is that my desire for material things have been dampened for a number of reasons…. change in priorities, needs and perspective.  I realized that what they, who changed their ways before me, are saying is true.  It is better to collect memories rather than things.  Things lose their value once we obtain them.  Then, we desire better and more things.  It’s a never ending quest.
Memories, on the other hand, are for keeps.  Unlike things, the emotions of experience, whether happy or sad, linger long after the reason for such happened.  These emotions can be triggered unexpectedly at some point and gives unbridled gratification or our life’s lessons when we draw out these experiences stored in our memory mine.
13 Feb 2018 old-vintage-globe-hd_MSE
I traveled near and far.  I still have more places to explore and enjoy.  Back then, I wasn’t quite the wanderlust that I am now.  I’m a writer by heart but yesteryears’ technology didn’t give me the leverage to easily document these travels.  Writing in the privacy of a journal didn’t give that much motivation for me to write about these places since I have no one to share the experiences with.

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My Bucket List

Bucket list is a list of things that a person wants to experience or achieve before they die.

Bucket List Charm And Letters

The link between buckets and death was made by at least 1785, when the phrase was defined in Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue as ‘to die’.  To kick the bucket is an English idiom, considered a euphemistic, informal, or slang term meaning ‘to die’.  

Its origin remains unclear, though there have been several theories. A common theory is that the idiom refers to hanging, either as a method of execution or suicide.  However, there is no evidence to support this.   In John Badcock’s slang dictionary of 1823, the explanation is given that “One Bolsover having hung himself from a beam while standing on a pail, or bucket, kicked this vessel away in order to pry into futurity and it was all up with him from that moment: Finis”.

There are no citations that relate the phrase to suicide and, in any case, why a bucket? 

The mist begins to clear with the fact that in 16th century England bucket had an additional meaning (and in some parts it still has), that is, a beam or yoke used to hang or carry items. The term may have been introduced into English from the French trébuchet – meaning a balance, or buque – meaning a yoke. That meaning of bucket was referred to in Peter Levins’ Manipulus vocabulorum. A dictionarie of English and Latine wordes, 1570: “A Bucket, beame, tollo.”

The term was used by Shakespeare in Henry IV Part II, 1597:  “Swifter then he that gibbets on the Brewers Bucket.” [to gibbet meant to hang]

The wooden frame that was used to hang animals up by their feet for slaughter was called a bucket. Not unnaturally they were likely to struggle or to spasm after death and hence ‘kick the bucket’.

 Another theory suggests that the origin of the phrase comes from the Catholic custom of holy-water buckets:  After death, when a body had been laid out … the holy-water bucket was brought from the church and put at the feet of the corpse. When friends came to pray… they would sprinkle the body with holy water … it is easy to see how such a saying as “kicking the bucket ” came about. Many other explanations of this saying have been given by persons who are unacquainted with Catholic custom — The Right Reverend Abbot Horne, Relics of Popery
Alternatively, in the moment of death a person stretches his legs (in Spanish Estirar la pata means ‘to die’) and so might kick the bucket placed there. 
Yet another theory seeks to extend the saying beyond its earliest use in the 16th century with reference to the Latin proverb Capra Scyria, the goat that is said to kick over the pail after being milked (920 in Erasmus’ Adagia).  Thus a promising beginning is followed by a bad ending or, as Andrea Alciato phrased it in the Latin poem accompanying the drawing in his Emblemata (1524), ‘Because you have spoilt your fine beginnings with a shameful end and turned your service into harm, you have done what the she-goat does when she kicks the bucket that holds her milk and with her hoof squanders her own riches’.   Here it is the death of one’s reputation that is in question. 
Enough with the trivia……
In life, we make goals which change as circumstances change.  Goals may be achieved in the short-, medium- or long-term.  Some are easy enough to do requiring just some adjustments or lifestyle change.  Some may be gut-wrenching.  Some may never be attainable in a lifetime.

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Experiencing Warmth and Hospitality in Zamboanga

I was like a tourist guide to my colleague who hasn’t travel wide and I felt the urge to  show him around even if  I had been to Zamboanga only once in the 1990s.  I don’t even have a recollection of that trip.  My companion was a bit apprehensive about this trip given the reputation of the place.  Let’s see.  There were the Basilan siege carried out by members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in 2013 and the bloody Lamitan siege when members of the Abu Sayyaf took over a church and a hospital and held priests, medical staff and patients hostage and using them as human shield to escape the government forces surrounding the rebels in 2001.   These and other skirmishes of various Muslim rebel groups would be forever etched in our minds.  I am not surprised about my colleague’s reaction.

However, we came to Zamboanga on business and there was no choice but to conduct our business.   It was a short trip, just a day.  We arrived in the evening of October 7 and would be leaving the following day.  Be that as it may, I would not let a trip pass by without creating memories.  It helped that one knows some people from the place and I do.

As soon as we arrived, I got a text message from a new friend I met in my assessment work.  I told her I am meeting her after we checked in at Garden Orchid Hotel, a stone throw away from the airport.  It’s only advantage.  More in my review in Use it or Ditch it.

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Aiming for Zero

shutterstock_129314522-1024x876Why?, one might ask.  I will retort, why not?

This value connotes nothing.  The dictionary defines zero as the line or point from which all divisions of a scale are measured in either a positive or a negative direction.  A good starting point, right.  So why aim for it when I have clearly moved from where I started.

Moving up is always a goal…. in our studies, career, family, wealth, possessions….. We work to reach a certain point to satisfy our urge to get to a higher plane.  As we reach each life’s goal, we can’t wait to move up another notch.  In our economics class, we were taught that human needs and wants are insatiable.   Maslow said that new and higher level needs emerge even if we have not fully satisfy old needs…. that is human nature.  Unmet needs are the staple that consumes a person to desire to be better today than yesterday (just like how Spiral Staircase does for love) …. for life.

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