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Sunday’s Beauty Queen is an Engaging Documentary


Rating:  Must watch


On the last day of the long holiday, we watched this year’s MMFF Best Picture winner, Sunday’s Beauty Queen. I’m glad to see the movie gaining more audience after its win.

The first three movies we watched, Saving Sally, ABSST FINE and even Die Beautiful had very low patronage rates. Maybe because we watched the LFS. It’s regrettable how we fail to appreciate artistic work and would rather get our fill from tried and tested formulas with shallow and predictable plots. The entrepreneurs in the movie industry might use these outcomes to go back to its old ways..I’m crossing my fingers and pouting.

Going back…SBQ deserves the nod it got from the Board of Jurors. The four-year in the making documentary was meticulously edited to showcase equally the lives of the five subjects. This is the kind of movie to see on a day off when one wants entertainment and just the right drama. It focuses on that one day off, their Sunday, when the subjects become queens and they forget all their troubles and the weariness of being a domestic helper in HK. It isn’t emotionally taxing and not your tear jerker of an OFW movie like Vilma Santos’s Anak. It’s not a conflict-filled movie. Yet, one feels for the characters when they shed real tears for the conscious disengagement from their emotions about what is missed back home…. their children, family and the important milestones. The movie is not about the important persons in their lives. References are made just to help the movie goers understand their situations and priorities.

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