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Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil and OGX Argan Oil from Morocco

I’ve heard good raves about Human Nature Sunflower Oil so I decided to buy one last week at Landmark Makati and used it immediately.  I think the Human Nature line is a new product category that they will be carrying and the line has been given enough shelf space to display its assortment of products.  Probably the reason I got drawn to it.  I was only supposed to buy a shoe rain cover which I was not able to buy as their stock is not the right type for most of my shoes… flats, platform, wedge and boring 🙂

Going back to HN Sunflower Oil. Here is one review and I am citing below the benefits the blog says this wonder oil does:

It claims that Sunflower Beauty Oil is 100% natural and packed with vitamins A, D & E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow — without any harmful chemicals.

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Cream Silk in Sachet with a Cap

This is one everyday use product that is most thoughtful.  Its maker, Unilever, must have been listening really well to the VOC.

With the emergence of budget airlines and more disposable income for the middle class, people are travelling more.  We don’t have to bring what’s on our bathroom counters since we need to pack light due to luggage weight allowance and to have more space for our treasure finds where we are going:)  We need products that are compact and toiletries in sachet fill this need for me.  I am a user of cream silk conditioner also as it does it job for my hair.

I chance upon this product in an interesting packaging in one of my sale hunting expedition 😉  I usually horde toiletries when there is a huge sale to take advantage of the 3- or 6- month payment scheme at 0% interest and avail of bonus items that come with a certain amount of purchase.  I am a sucker for these things….at least on consumables that would surely be used in time.  This product which is not available as a regular product in supermarkets is marketed as part of a promo pack.


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