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1 January to 7 January 2018

Words to Live By….

1 to 7 Jan 2018 new_year_01


We were complete in welcoming the changing of the year witnessing the revelry outside.  I am thankful for the paltry fireworks, I didn’t need to shuttle back and forth to pacify my dogs. 

Just like old times, it was also a day to celebrate new year’s day with our families even if most of them didn”t make it. I made a lovely post on my thoughts just after the clock struck midnight.

A made a great deal of progress in updating my daily posts… hoping this will soon come to an end.  I’ve made the template for my next life’s unraveling which I am excited to start.

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8 January to 14 January 2018

Words to Live By….

8 to 14 jan 2018 adbf4a0bd009354217b1ff1aba568eda


New opportunity seized.  Interest generated and I got two leads, one very strong.

One more follower earned …. I am not even blog-hoppin… .  I’ve more innovations to do and will soon be seriously working on my much neglected travel site and delayed posts in my adventure site … this I swear.   So help me God.

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Weekly Digest

Weekly digestMy new platform will document my highs and lows and the in-betweens, not anymore on a daily basis but on a much more relaxed weekly cycles.  Bogged down by the demands of home, friendship, dogs, hobby and work, I had to let go of my daily chronicle of life in my previous platform  which I did for more than a year, 485 posts as of this writing and still updating.  In the middle of a very busy life when I was several weeks delayed in posting and updating became such a chore, I decided I had to make things simpler, easier and enjoyable.  Besides, my family always takes an issue in sharing too much information.  I hope this move would suit them.

This isn’t the first time I made such a decision as in my former home, the same thing happened at some point.  This is so much like deja vu….

If you followed Daily Cup, the Weekly Digest should be an easy, concise read that will not divulge too much details but hopefully just pique the curious minds.  You are all welcome to peek…