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Calaguas on my Mind

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I am not exactly a late bloomer in the island adventure department as I have been to a number of islands.  Lately, I find myself browsing articles and bucket lists on nice places, beaches,  islands to go but kept my island fantasies tucked in my mind. I ticked off in my mental list the places I would like to go to but it remained just that, an imagined picture of me in rash guard rushing towards the waves….. until the wanderlust in me can no longer be silenced…..

Some of my references are:

In a rare show of my adventurous side, I shared the post on the best islands to visit with an open invite to friends who might want to join my adventure.  Some got excited but few responded.  We began making plans, choosing the place, fixing the date and budgeting.  As I was organizing the travel, my potential travel buddies began losing steam… budget, uncertain if they can deal with the lack of amenities, got busy … with life 🙂

Then, the family began thinking about our annual summer outing and I tried to squeeze in my island plan.  There were oppositions and same misgivings… too far, budget, time… I got fed up and decided to go on my own bringing only willing adventurers.

Originally, I wanted to try some nearby island and Cagbalete fitted the requirement.  I began my research as soon as the cast was complete…. that would be me, MD, OS and my nephew (MN).  On the dates we chose, accommodation was not available for chosen resorts.  Then, the thought of Calaguas came over me and I pondered over the 8 to 9 hour land trip, the 2 hour boat ride, staying in a tent, non-flush toilets. My thought was interrupted by the lure of sugary white sand, azure water, unspoilt beauty…. and soon I sent an email to Hullabaloo.  A couple of email exchanges more and we were booked for our first island adventure.

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