Rainbow Sunset Charms Effortlessly

Rating:  Catch it or you’ll regret it!  Go!


First, I have to confess I almost passed on this gem of a movie, Rainbow Sunset, because I’m biased for a couple of reasons… the homosexual theme which I wrongly thought will be tackled like it has always been tackled and the cast which again my poor judgment led me into assuming that the senior stars and the other stars do not have what it takes to put together a well-made MMFF movie. I’m wrong on both counts. It was not in my watch list until its big win. I watched TGiOD and was pleased with it despite being winless at the awards night. There was supposed to be a second movie, MMM, which I hesitatingly switched for RS, concerned that Ate K being of the younger generation may prefer the former from the latter. I’m thankful for that last minute change which would also be the last chance for me to see a 2018 MMFF entry. I guess that Ate K was pleased with that decision too even if we have to do with lack of sleep again watching the LFS preceding the first day of work for me for the new year. Now that I have put that out, I have to tell you why this movie is worth the accolades it is getting contrary to some reviews. For one, I was fully awake in the entirety of the movie considering I had a few hours of sleep coming from the holiday.

The movie has been criticized for its many subplots with the characters given some airtime for their stories. Except for one hanging issue on the son’s and son-in-law’s under the table deal, everything is accounted for within the two-hour frame. Yet these little stories provide the conflicts to put texture in this interesting twist of a LGBT movie that will tie up the main plot. The back stories weave the past to the present to make viewers understand why things are what they are. The use of color pop effect (splash of color on some parts of the frame with the rest in black and white) in these flashbacks is a nice touch.

The acting of the cast is competent. Yet, it’s the seniors who are the stars of the movie. Eddie Garcia as the bull headed patriarch is consistently at the top of his game. Thespian Tony Mabesa gave his role the right characterization. But it’s Gloria Romero’s restraint acting of a complex character evolving from sweet, grateful, hurt, confused, to forgiving, kind, loving, courageous that audience can empathize with. You’ll cry and feel for her. Towards the end, I realized that what could have been mistakenly seen as blind acceptance of a husband’s secret affair is really love without conditions winning over jealousy and pain.

It’s not your usual homosexual-themed movie. I almost forgot it’s about homosexual love. I saw a family going through the ups and down, being broken and made whole again. All in all it’s simply a movie about great love, enduring friendship and how a family relearn to love, accept and strengthen the tie that binds.

Another nice twist is the unexpected loss of an unlikely character that further reinforces the all too familiar cliché that love wins and gave the movie a charmed ending.

Sadly, movies like this are not the type that movie consumers watch. There were a handful of us. The applause at the end was hardly sustained. Catch it before it is pulled out and feel good.


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