23 July 2017

Words to Live by….

23 Jul 2017_blog_foot_chanclas

Today will be great if…

  1. I can finish all chores.
  2. I can groom all dogs.
  3. I can have me time after doing all of these.

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes
    But it’s the only thing that I know
    When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes
    It is the only thing that makes us feel alive Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Photograph by Ed Sheeran
  2. Sniffing and Sneezing
  3. Spa Time

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I did my cleaning chores.
  2. ED coming home… even for a short while.
  3. I groomed almost all dogs with R… doing a few.
  4. I prepped myself to be pampered at the salon… including services which were not on my original plan…. I deserve to be pampered 


  1. ED can sleep for the night, we can enjoy her presence more.
  2. MD didn’t have a duty in the weekend, she could have come home.
  3. OS doesn’t linger upstairs, we could interact more.
  4. Lesser number of staff will attend to me at the salon, I can give bigger tips.

Grateful for…

  1. Lap time with Krinkle, Kookie and Minerva,
  2. Belly rub time with Gabby and Queenie.
  3. Feeling and looking good after my salon pampering.

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