Call of Duty

I passed by this means of transportation for a what must be a very busy man with a most interesting signage on my way to work.


It would have been an ordinary sight.  A bike is often used by workers specially those in the construction sector to go to work in a nearby site since it is easily the most affordable.

I recall seeing the same bike, however, on the same spot a number of times.  I wanted to take a photo when  I passed it sometimes but would be too lazy to back up or go around the block.  Today, I crossed path with the owner riding this bike as I made my way out of the village.

Later, I got a text from MD telling me she’s on duty.  This new responsibility affected family schedules.  Unlike the past years, she no longer goes home every weekend but only on the rare weekends when she is not on duty.  I am sure we would be seeing less of MS in the next few years.  Pretty much the same thing happened with ED.  Their calling requires them to sacrifice family times to take care of the needs of others.

It dawned on me that the man on the bike that caught my attention must be on his way to render service on one or more of the listed services in the comprehensive self-advertisement. The listing includes services that are in great demand or needed during emergencies…. sometimes on short notice.  Opportunities that he cannot pass up as it is his means of livelihood.     I admire his guts, talents ….. his enterprise.  With the myriad of service offerings, he must be always short on time.

Even more interesting is how did he come to learn all these trades….  Does he possess all these skills?  How long does he work?  Does he have a team?  What is the division of labor?  How much are they paid?  How do they enjoy the fruit of their labor if ever they get to enjoy it for anything other than basic necessities?  These questions may yield interesting insights into the life and aspirations of anyone engaged in any work.

It is said that the things one is passionate about is one’s calling.  And so with this man on the curious-looking bike who pedals his way to answer to a calling.


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