21 June 2017

Words to Live by….

21 Jun 2017 imitation


Today will be great if…

  1. The boss would allow me to go to the event coming from my home.
  2. I’ll pick up something valuable from attending this event.
  3. Traffic for which the place where the venue of the event is located would not be horrendous.

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Say that you’ll stay a little
    Don’t say ‘bye bye’ tonight
    Say you’ll be mine
    Just a little bit of love is worth a moment of your time
    Knocking on your door just a little
    So cold outside tonight
    Let’s get a fire burning
    Oh, I know I keep it burning right
    If you stay, won’t you stay, stay?Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Save Room by John Legend
  2. Willfully take things in stride ;D
  3. Party time 🙂

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. The boss allowed me to come from my home.
  2. OS didn’t want me to go out to my event and when I asked if he misses me, he said yes 😀
  3. I met three people in the event who were my table companions.
  4. I came home early and was able to watched LLS and ALTL.  The former appears to be creating a buzz.  The latter, however, seems to dwell too much on their big day which is becoming a drag already.


  1. M and R do not waste time when no one is looking over their shoulders, there will be peace and silence at home.
  2. Traffic at the toll gate wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t be late for the event.
  3. The rains didn’t pour as I was about to leave home, I could have left right away.
  4. Most guests didn’t leave after the tour of the facility, I could have stayed much longer for the socials and dinner…. I’m glad I left earlier because a better fare was in store at home.
  5. I wasn’t too engrossed on my resurrected scrabble game, I would not be so sleepy.

Grateful for…

  1. The boss for being considerate.
  2. W… for helping me on what to do with the case of the missing laptop and a related incident by talking to concerned people in her network
  3. The dinner of adobong manok sa gata cooked by K… and the fresh pineapple for dessert which I wouldn’t trade for the lechon at the event.
  4. ED for my hand-me down tablet that I can play scrabble again ;D
  5. The shut eye ….zzzzzz

2 responses to “21 June 2017

  1. There is definately a great deal to learn about this topic.
    I like all of the points you’ve made.

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