16 May 2017

Words to Live by….

16 May 2017 shedding-the-burden-of-the-past-1090x614

Today will be great if…

  1. I can be at the office early.
  2. The brochure will be finalize through the cooperation of all concerned.
  3. H.. can deposit her portion of the payment early, I can settle the loan before the cut-off.

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)I’m Gonna Make A Change,
    For Once In My Life
    It’s Gonna Feel Real Good,
    Gonna Make A Difference
    Gonna Make It Right . . .Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Man in the Mirror, a Siedah Garrett rendition of a Michael Jackson classic that she wrote
  2. Clock ticking
  3. Yes!

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I was in the office early.
  2. I prepaid the loan from a creditor and saved myself a lot in interest payment ;D
  3. The brochure was finalized.


  1. The contractor wasn’t late in completing their submission, we could have sent back the approved brochure as sked.
  2. I can have more funds to pay the other loan, I will be in a better financial standing.
  3. The assistant boss is more cooperative and not be a bad example to the young staff, this office would be in better stead.

Grateful for…

  1. The unexpected funds that came to augment my loan payment.
  2. All those who provided valuable inputs to the brochure.
  3. Ch.. for her quick action on the work at hand.
  4. Rh.., our payroll staff, for her reminder on the due amortization and assistance in transmitting my payment.

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