9 April 2017

Words to Live by….

9 Apr 2017 Creativity

Today will be great if…

  1. I can continue with my winning streak at the homefront  …
  2. We can have more options for food.
  3. I can groom the dogs which I neglected yesterday… they missed me.

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)  Good times they come and they go
    Never going to know
    What fate is going to blow
    You’re way just hope it feels right
    Sometimes it comes and it goes
    You take it ever so slow
    And then you lose it, then it flows right to you
    So we rely on the past
    Special moments that last
    Were they as tender as we dare to remember
    Such a fine time as this
    What could equal the bliss
    The thrill of the first kiss
    It’ll blow right to you    Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Never as Good as the First Time by Sade
  2. Palm Sunday
  3. Chores and more chores

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. They all love the baked hotdogs I prepared…..which is really a banned food for me… but what the heck, it’s convenient and delicious 🙂
  2. I had my foot checked at Dr. Kong and learned that I have high arch on my right foot, a painful heel condition… the remedy can hopefully be just a change of footwear or some good cushioning … I bought some cheap foot cushion to try on before I buy the branded ones.
  3. We had lunch at Yoshinoya.
  4. MD and I went on an unexpected shopping binge at H & M and bought real good finds 🙂


  1. My body is functioning well, I could do more.
  2. I get more cooperation, we can accomplish much.
  3. We have a podiatrist here in the country, I could have a more thorough diagnosis.
  4. The Dr. Kong is not so expensive and a bit more stylish, I would have already bought a pair to ease my painful heel.

Grateful for…

  1. A cleaner home generally.
  2. More savings and less waste in managing a household.
  3. The help from the rest of the household.
  4. The left foot is normal
  5. MD arriving safely in her dorm.
  6. Doing things earlier so we can rest early too.

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