2 March 2017


Words to Live by….


Today will be great if…

  1. I can go back to my normal self …. routine …. pulsetron ….
  2. I can get to the office on time…
  3. I can go home early …

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Just to see her, just to touch her
    Just to hold her in my arms again one more time
    If I could feel her warm embrace see her smiling face
    Can’t find anyone to take her place I’ve got to see her again                                                                            I would do anything, I would go anywhere
    There’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to see her again
    Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Just to See Her by Smokey Robinson
  2. Empty
  3. Death

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. As I held Hershey’s box on my lap this morning, Smokey Robinson’s Just to See Her was playing… In tears, I smiled at the coincidence… my sweet girl must be playing tricks on me these past few days ….
  2. I made it to the office on time… even managing to make a detour to the bank.
  3. We finished a lot of work today…. I forgot my pain momentarily ….
  4. An old friend messaged me and told me she is staying in the same village I live in and we are planning to see each other 🙂


  1. The staff from the office we deal with didn’t have to be an a… the second time around, my day would not have started on the wrong foot…
  2. That staff just told my colleagues what she told them now after we sent out a memo to her and her bosses, we could have avoided all this trouble since it turned out she can do something about that teeny weeny problem that she made a big deal of.
  3. I didn’t get another news of death… of my cousin, I wouldn’t feel much worse.
  4. Hershey is home waiting for me, I would still be eager reaching home early… but no… my baby is not there anymore …. I still couldn’t stop looking for her everytime I get home….

Grateful for…

  1. Being able to hold Hershey first thing in the morning …..
  2. J… for buying a fave veggie dish, adobong puso ng saging.
  3. St. Francis Pet Cremation for posting Hershey’s photobox urn.
  4. Being with my Hershey as I end the day ….

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