22 January 2017

Words to Live by….

When one is weak and incapable, help given freely feel so good to the soul   ….

Today will be great if…

  1. I can do the chores which I have not attended to.
  2. I can groom the dogs.
  3. I can go to the supermarket.
  4. I can have some me time

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Sunday morning, rain is falling
    Steal some covers, share some skin
    Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
    You twist to fit the mold that I am in
    But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do
    And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew
    That someday it would lead me back to you
    That someday it would lead me back to you. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Sunday Morning by M5
  2. Feeling better
  3. Chores or rest

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I did a lot…. cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more, changed linens and went to the supermarket.
  2. In between chores, I did a lot of plays on the ongoing online scrabble board set out with several opponents and won a lot :)… I do have this one opponent recently picked up randomly whom I haven’t beaten but nonetheless is a good challenge and has maintained our board for sometime.  I will get back 🙂
  3. Lunch with the whole family.


  1. The meds can work faster, I can be back to normal in no time…
  2. Missy would eat, I would give her anything she likes including human food.  She is my oldest dog at 11.5 years and she should not get sick 😦
  3. There was no queue at the saloon, I could have had my nails done.
  4. If The Rogue One was on, OS and I could have gone to the movie

Grateful for..…

  1. The company of my dogs and their excitement in riding with me as I went around doing chores… this is one highlight of the week for them and their human 🙂
  2. OS rubbing herbal oil on my back.
  3. Classical music which is my current choice music in slumber 🙂

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