14 December 2016

Words to Live by….

There is nothing like a sun peeping through overcast skies to erase life’s grays.

Today will be great if…

  1. We can just chill out at Nacpan beach.
  2. The trip would be smooth….
  3. There would no crowd.

State of mind ….

  1. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
    I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love.
    From the very first time I blessed my eyes on you, girl,
    My heart says follow t’rough.
    But I know, now, that I’m way down on your line,
    But the waitin’ feel is fine,
    So don’t treat me like a puppet on a string,
    ‘Cause I know I have to do my thing.
    Don’t talk to me as if you think I’m dumb,
    I wanna know when you’re gonna come, soon.
    I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love
    I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love
    I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version) Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley
  2. Chillaxing
  3. Sunset

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. Nacpan Beach is a joy to tired bodies and sagging souls…. my current state:)
  2. The beach is my kind of place…. away from the crowd.
  3. The unplanned trip turns out to be the perfect adventure ender.


  1. I believe the blogs, I really should have included Tour E in the trip and maybe placed it earlier….
  2. The last half of the ride wasn’t that bumpy, I wouldn’t feel any worse….on second thought, extremely bumpy rides lead to the best destinations…..
  3. The sun set fully, the day would have been perfect…. sigh…

Grateful for……

  1. The unassuming Kuya Cyrus for driving us during our inland tour.
  2. James and the other staff of a beach resto who catered to our needs and entertained us.
  3. A bit of sun at Marimegmeg Beach to cap the day.


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