4 September 2016

Words to Live by….

We need not make the world revolve around us.

Today will be great if…..

  1. Chores-rest-self pampering balance can be achieved.
  2. Needed stuff would be bought.
  3. There is peace and the dogs don’t bark altogether 🙂

 State of mind ….

  1. Relax…. don’t do it
  2. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Sunday morning, rain is falling…Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)
  3. Nonchalance

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I found what I was looking for sorting through the paper hills.
  2. More time with dogs is just the best.
  3.  I was able to do window shopping and set my price elasticity for some things I would need for the next trips.

If ……

  1. The weather clears up, the male dogs which are being bathed wouldn’t feel chilly…. I hope there is enough hot water.
  2. The water heater had been installed, hot water would always be available for dog bathing and we need not be boiling water.
  3. only ED and MD could stay longer so they can have home-cooked meals.
  4. OS can go back to schooling soon, then he’d be closer to his dreams.

Grateful for …..

  1. Sundays for giving me some precious downtimes.
  2. Being able to do as planned.
  3. Some alone time at the mall.

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