3 September 2016

Words to Live by….

The most precious of wealth is health.

Today will be great if…..

  1. I can wake up early, still do some chores and head to Asian Hospital.
  2. All necessary procedures will be done and will be able to consult with specialists.
  3. I can finish by 3:00 pm to do some errands.

 State of mind ….

  1. Gotta do this!
  2. I dread doing this
  3. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Saturday in the parkMusical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I did as planned.
  2. No waiting in my very first doctor’s appointment.  My OB has a bubbly personality which makes time with her, even with some dreadful result, a pleasant experience.  She doesn’t scrimp on her patients and has prescribed to me some procedures that I need which I would not have known otherwise.  Today, while I lay on the examination table for a procedure, she was telling me and her assistant a new LVR she learned in a recent seminar.  I don’t if I’d be amused lying there and being made a model for the before LVR.  She sure made things light for someone like me who dread medical procedures.
  3. All necessary procedures I need to undergo was finished and the results are not that bad.
  4. ED unexpectedly came home 🙂

If ……

  1. I didn’t dread doing this and kept a regular schedule, I wouldn’t be so worried about health.
  2. A cardiologist was available, I would have completed everything.  I still need to go back to my new gastroenterologist afer clearing some cardio issues and might have to undergo the cancelled procedure late last year courtesy of the old gastroenterologist who did not make herself available to me before and on the morning of a scheduled procedure.  She was actually being offered again by the HMO staff but I asked for a new one.  The new one seems more responsive and I hope to clear my gastro issue too soon.
  3. I came earlier, I could have made it not only to the junk shop where I get old newspaper but also to the pet store.

Grateful for …..

  1. Caring and dedicated doctors who are true to their calling.  I should say that include ED who came home late evening yestetday and had to leave early morning today for her duty.
  2. Not so bad results…. the lump being monitored hasn’t changed which is good; BD is within acceptable range for my age. Blood chem is a bit not good on some results but is no cause for alarm.  Meds have been prescribed for the cholesterol after I was made to stop taking it right after I got SJS.
  3. The moment (after almost 2 years) to face the IM doctor who prescribed Allopurinol which almost caused me life as I got SJS during the Christmas season in 2014.  I looked him in the eye as he explained to me in so many words that he cannot assure if a medicine would cause allergy and that it is better to seek a specialist like a rheumatologist who might have a better management for my uric acid.  I left his office feeling lighter after seeing him uncomfortable explaining things.  I remember him as a stoical doctor who seemed impatient with me when I was asking about what uric acid can do.  It didn’t feel right then.  So now, I probably got even.  It’s no use bringing him to court.  The meds came from a drugstore and his participation is just prescribing it without finding out my predisposition and others’ experience with the drug.
  4. Knowing that my uric acid level doesn’t actually need medication…. according to the rheumatologist.  She said that there is actually no need for me to medicate for all my joint issues… just diet and exercise.  I went to see the rheumatologist after meeting the IM.  I should be back at that IM

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