2 September 2016

Words to Live by….

Travel, learn better and live life to the fullest

Today will be great if…..

  1. I can make it on time…
  2. I would make myself focused on the task at hand.
  3. I can catch up with another good friend, V.

 State of mind ….

  1. TGIF!
  2. Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Musical Note Emoji (Symbola Version)Friday night is the day I was walking you home, we got down to the gate and I was thinking of the night….. would it turn out right
  3. Meet up tonight

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. I made it  
  2. The real boss is here and things are moving fast again…. so fast actually 🙂
  3. MD is coming home.

If ……

  1. I can be less impatient and critical, relationships would benefit.
  2. There are less distractions and I don’t allow myself to be distracted, a lot can be done.
  3. I can sleep early for my planned comprehensive PE tom.

Grateful for …..

  1. K, M and R for caring for the dogs and helping me balance things.
  2. The chocolate from the boss who just came from an official trip abroad lying on my table when I came in….. he arrived earlier than I did 😉
  3. Sawdust being available and the dogs would have their protein and it would be good for my purse too.

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