13 August 2016

Words to Live By

A fool is careless in his word.

Today will be great if…..

  1. I can teleport to make it to the consensus meet on time.
  2. Dog chores are done early.
  3. I can still go home early

 State of mind ….

  1. Harassed…. need to buy newspaper, the Uber car got at the wrong side of the street again….
  2. Longing for my weekend at home.
  3. Will has to be bigger that whim.

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. The driver of my Uber car was really nice, good conversationalist and is the son of the great Vic Silayan and brother to the beauty queen Chat Silayan whom he refers to as Charito.
  2. I got the right response to a bullying remark 🙂  some people have this nasty habit of passing the buck when something is not right and oftentimes we are caught off guard…. those are your fingers on the keyboard…duh
  3. The consensus work is finally over.

If I could turn back the hands of  time……

  1. I would have asked to be reassigned to another TL… sometimes you just don’t click with some people.  I did it before and I was hesitant asking again when I learned about the assignment.  Then again, it’s a learning experience.
  2. I would have made myself more approachable…. so that we wouldn’t have to be in this enmity.
  3. I would have double up on the newspaper purchase the last time I bought knowing fully well the demand increased…. or maybe guide M and the new help R on the proper use.

Grateful for …..

  1. Making it to the venue even if I was two hours late….
  2. To a TM, R, for the ride home.
  3. Finally making it home after a long day…… the CM, rains, the fire in Alabang…..still managing to squeeze in attending mass, last minute shopping… then retrieving car from the 3 munchkins who arranged a movie date to watch the ‘horrific’ Suicide Squad 🙂 ….. and arranging for an Uber car for them afterwards to compromise for my promise to fetch them… I’m beat, want just to be in my pjs and veg

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