8 August 2016

Words to Live By

The rain quenches earth’s thirst.

Today will be great if…..

  1. I can make it to the activity on time.
  2. I can go home early.
  3. The topic will be intetesting.

 State of mind ….

  1. Rainy days and Mondays
  2. Manic Monday
  3. Crying in the rain.

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. It’s the first of the 2-day out of office activity.
  2. I got to talk nicely to the speaker of our activity who I am not not very fond of.  My bad…..
  3. I am rid of one big headache with J’s departure

If I could turn back the hands of  time……

  1. I wouldnt have lingered long on FB
  2. I would have brought the newspaper earlier.
  3. I would have fired J sooner.

Grateful for …..

  1. The tasty food at the activity’s venue.
  2. P for stepping up to be J’s replacement.
  3. M for being the dependable and trustworthy help.  Lucky to have found this boy.

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