Use It or Ditch It

A new category I would be blogging about so that I can share my experience and thoughts in trying out a new product or service.  Places will not be part of this category as posts on this is aptly placed under Wanderlust.

Comments are highly welcome as we can make this page a venue to discuss varied views on products and services particularly emerging ones and help us in making informed purchase decisions.

I am a big user of reviews when I plan to purchase something and these have been helpful in narrowing the choices and finally making a decision.  I find some sites truly helpful and give objective views and useful comparisons of competing brands for product or service categories  while others have been used as marketing platforms to hype about a product or service before launch.

Products Services Tablet Shows Business Merchandise And Service

We all fell for some wonderful marketing ploy and found out too late that what was promised was not quite what was delivered…..

I’ll try to stick as much as possible to the real deal, my own, and maybe use some useful references to views of heavy users or even a friend or acquaintance.

A study cited that 0nly 24% of new products launched makes it to the shelf a full year.  Who knows we may be able to bring that number up by comparing notes and save ourselves the unfortunate situation of buying a lemon or a dud.

Let’s get value for our money by choosing wisely.



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