imagesAnother category I am adding…. I have to catch up on this as I had island hopped in the past and hope to post here some of these interesting places.  I have been to a number of islands and beaches:  Pagudpud, Mactan, Boracay, Camiguin, Puerto Galera, Paradise Island in Davao, Batanes and recently Calaguas which will be the subject of another post (It is easier to write about this because I can still picture the experience)…. and many provinces too for pleasure or business or both.

Past posts about these places were FB postings of mostly pictures.  When social media was not yet the norm, we had real pictures now kept in cabinets hardly touched except when the need arises, like a frantic search for baby pics as requirement in school or alumni homecomings.

Most of these places are too beautiful to simply just bury in the deep recesses of the mind.  Without writing something about the experience, it will become a memory that will be hard to piece together.  Written words have a way of reminding us about the good vibes brought about by the experience.  I wouldn’t want to be wasting all those soothing experiences, nice sceneries and good company.

The time and platform are ideal….. there is enough motivation…. the interest is growing when before I simply wanted to be in these places for fun and to frolic.  I am more an ocean bum but I would like to explore mountain destinations too when the right opportunity and circumstance allow…..  It’s more fun in the Philippines, right;)  Imagine, 7,107 options, more with low tide (as immortalized by Miss Philippines Charlene Gonzales during the Q & A portion of the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant held in Manila).

Wanderlust has caught on with many of us.  Let us help make tourism a top money maker for the country by seeing our beautiful islands and provinces before we even set out beyond our shores.  As we do this, have fun without losing our discipline and sense of responsibility in caring for the natural and untarnished state of places we go ……

  • No to littering, boozing, drugs!
  • No to prostituting the place for financial gains!
  • Practice proper waste disposal or better yet bring your trash with you when you leave….CLAYGO

I might be offending party animals who go to beaches to party but there are those like me who choose secluded, unspoilt, virgin islands to find solitude and some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city.  The noise, partying and boozing can have their time in a proper venue or back in the city…. Please give us our quiet time in savoring the beautiful scenery in peace.  Thank you.

From here on, I will be silently lurking to check out promo fares and deals , checking reviews of those who came before me and try to come up with the best arrangement (budget permitting) for the next adventure.

If you are game enough, please join me….


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