16 July 2016

Words to Live By

Pressure can be an enabler and a disabler depending on the one handling it.

Today will be great if …… 

     I can sleep longer and wake up late,

     clean the bathroom and change sheets early, and

finish my IR (It is one huge challenge, yet I know I can deliver because I have always      been able to keep my commitments)

State of mind …..

      I can dream big and do my best to achieve it.

      I am willing and able.

     I will let out the kid in me 🙂

Today was simply amazing because ….. 

  1. Chores were completed as planned and I managed to squeeze some more.
  2. Hershey asked for food and ate four times.  She persisted with her wily and paawa effect and was able to join us going to Church.  Can’t resist this girl’s way to my heart.
  3. of the cool, refreshing feeling after a nice bath.

If I could turn back the hands of time…...

I would do that IR as soon as it was given to me and would not make a habit of cramming to finish this work.

Grateful for …..

Thanks Ate K for for the delicious sinigang na salmon.

Thank you J for doing the tasks on your own initiative and  for asking permission.  I wish you will stay this way all the time.

Thanks H for the biggest alimasag I’ve seen in my life and was delicious too.

Thank God MD and ED arrived home safe.

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