Daily Cup

cupI am be starting this category too…. just like my daily posts in my old home…. I did it diligently for a year.  It became tasking after that … so I readjusted and made it into weekly posts ……. did it regularly too … until I decided I didn’t have to share too much detail and made it monthly outings .

I copied the idea from the five minute journal which is supposed to capture the day’s event in that time.  It suits my needs judging from the development of my journaling activity in the past….. except I don’t want to copy it exactly as it is…..

The five minute journal contains:

Inspiring Quotes

I am Grateful for

What Will make Today Great

Daily Affirmations….. I am

Three Amazing Things that Happened Today

How Could I Have Made Today Better

I can come up with an equivalent 😉

It is really nice to chronicle our daily lives as we tend to get lost in the moment.  In the future, we can only remember the bits and pieces but forget the gamut of thoughts and emotions we went through.  It is always nice to recall these moments…with fondness and even with a grain of salt.  It’s like savoring a good cup of coffee on a rainy morning…. it brings comfort on those times…. and help us cope up with our pain.

We say forget about the past to bury our pain …. but the past always has a way of bringing back old wounds and treasured memories.  An account of yesterday’s events may just help in understanding the reasons why some things have to happen the way they did …. and maybe, help us make better choices today and be more at ease in dealing with the uncertainties of the future.


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