Rebooting my Writer’s Block

This post should do what was promised four years ago when I set up this blog, wrote the launching spiel and let it stagnate into oblivion after that single post.  I used to be so aware of what’s happening in my and other beings (in my life)’s life through my old home.  I lost all motivation to write except for the occasional FB posts on subjects close to my heart or I’d like to give my unsolicited opinion on.

This ….ty something is now almost halfway through that decade in life.  Four years of memories gone .  The mood of the moment lost with memory gaps crippling my …..ty something mind…. and there is nothing to go back to.

Those times did not pass by uneventfully…. I’ve been to places; met interesting, likable and loathable people; done worthy, important, interesting, fun things and made mistakes and been stupid along the way.  I even changed jobs and broaden my credentials (I hope).  I lost some loved ones – human, furred, scaled, through sickness, unfortunate events and betrayal (the last two are not capable of the last cause)  ……. and these could have been captured in words in this new home….. but I did not do as promised.

I have had moments when a post worthy train of thought ran in my mind like a flowing stream which got lost in the day-to-day grind.  I even thought so many times to go back and write something, anything.  I am never at a lost for words when hitting the keyboard so why stall.  The technology now is so amazingly made for bloggers.  Laziness….. maybe.  Been busy …. maybe.  I can’t tell exactly.  I didn’t have enough stirring in me…. unlike when I first decided to have my old home when there was turmoil in my life and it sure felt warm and comforting in there …. when I needed to pour my emotion……… things settled since and must have come to a pass….. so is my urge to write…

I am rebooting now, making no promises this time……. just hoping that this post will be the laxative that will relieve my creative constipation……..  I would not mind having creative diarrhea thereafter 😉  reboot

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